Distance Learning Program

SunDology is a four-semester master’s degree program in which students are enrolled in a distance learning program (via Hancock University) that includes both online courses and face-to-face instruction. Contact hours are completed during a three-day residential conference which occurs once a semester.

Guidelines of Study

Students will discover Eastern philosophy through comparative studies among SunDo and other Asian self-cultivation practices while preserving and developing the unique characteristics of SunDo. Students will establish scientific and systemic theory in SunDology that may possibly combine Western psychology and/or health studies with an Eastern SunDo perspective of personal development and natural health management.


Professor Hyunmoon Kim, Ph.D

With a Ph.D in the Philosophy of the Human Sciences, Master Hyunmoon Kim integrates contemporary knowledge of western psychology with his traditional eastern training in SunDo practice. He is the current director of the SunDo International Association & Sundology Graduate Program at Hanseo University, South Korea. Master Kim is one of 9 masters sanctioned by Taoist Hermit Bekyung. His life work is to make this authentic practice accessible to all people in the West.

Charles Silverstein, Ph.D

A 2007 graduate of The Graduate Institutes’s M.A. in Conscious Evolution, Charles then attained his doctorate in Transformative Studies at the California Institute for Integral Studies. His dissertation was titled “Contemplative Practices and Orders of Consciousness: A Constructive-Developmental Approach.” It explores the correspondence between contemplative practices and adult development in a sample of highly educated students.

For questions about the program or curriculum, please contact SunDo:

Phone.. (860) 523 5260

Email… questions@sundo.org


Please visit Hancock University’s Admissions webpage to learn more about the registration process and to obtain an application via download or email request.

Hancock Admissions

For questions about registration, please contact Hancock University:

Phone: (562) 591-7080

Email: info@HCUniv.org

Tuition & Fees

Tuition per semester is approximately $2,500.00 (US dollars). Tuition is priced at $4,000 per semester in Korea, but international students have been given a 40% discount as a scholarship. The total two-year distance learning program cost is approximately $10,000.00 (US dollars).  In addition, there is a one-time entrance fee of $700.00 (US dollars) and a application fee of $75.00 (US dollars). Each residential conference also requires an additional payment per semester usually priced at about $240-285 for the three-day event.