Graduate Studies

SunDology is a comprehensive graduate study of the practice and principles of SunDo.

Programs include topics such as the study of psychology, meditation research, human development, Taoist philosophy and comparative Eastern practices.

Students interested in SunDo Graduate Studies have a choice of programs in which to obtain a Sundology Masters Degree. They may choose between our distance learning program via Hancock University or an instructor-led program offered at the Hanseo University campus in South Korea.

While studying, students are also able to become coordinators of their own SunDo Practice Centers, so that they may develop thier teaching skills in SunDo Taoist Yoga & Meditation practice. Revenue generated from teaching classes and workshops may assist in covering the full or partial expenses (travel & lodging) of the Program’s three-day residential conferences that are held each semester.

Upon graduation, alumni can also moderate and teach various types of e-learning programs related to SunDo, including courses within the Sundology Masters Program.