To qualify as members, students or instructors must either attend weekly classes at a local center or become distance members. 

If attending a local center, regular class attendance is required for promotion. Membership dues can be paid to the local SunDo center at the specified rate.

Distance Membership

If practicing as a distance member, students or instructors may pay a distance membership fee to the SunDo organization.

The annual fee is $200 a year for distance members, and an initial three-day retreat is required. Attending a retreat provides an opportunity to meet instructors and become familiar with the practice in a supportive community.

Additionally, all promotion requirements must be fulfilled by a local SunDo member or distance member to be eligible for promotion to the next practice level.

Thinking of joining?

Check for a Practice Center nearest you.

If you are 50 miles away from a local SunDo Practice Center, you may join as a distance member. Please complete the form below, and make your $200 payment via PayPal. Submissions without payment or a plan to attend a retreat will not be considered valid.

Attendance at one 3-day retreat per year is also required for distance members. See our calendar for upcoming retreats. Membership includes instructional materials and email & phone contact for a SunDo mentor/teacher, all of which you will receive when you attend the first retreat.

For questions about starting a SunDo Center, please contact us.

Members should also be sure to sign up for the SunDo E-News!