Promotion Requirements

With consistent and dedicated practice, students may progress through SunDo practice levels as a student from Level 1-7 eventually attaing a black belt. Promotion depends on quality of practice and expanding capacity in Taoist breathwork.

In addition, students may also enter the SunDo Instructor Training Program at Level 2 or anytime thereafter. All trainees must attend regular retreats and meet all promotion requirements for instructors.

Please see the chart below for both student and instructor promotions requirements, distance membership reqirements and retreat fees.

SunDo Training Requirements Chart

Each level of practice has requirements to meet at that level. If requirements, are not met and promotion does not take place, students may complete any needed requirements in a reasonable amount of time as decided by an instructor, senior instructor or teacher and Master Kim.

SunDo’s instructor training program gives practitioners an essential foundation in Taoist yoga, meditation and breathwork to cultivate the appropriate qualities in a teacher. Students develop their own personal practice before teaching others to have one. Based on an “apprenticeship” way of learning, instructors gain knowledge of how to teach from a rich tradition and lineage of master teachers.

Promotion Payments

A promotion fee is required to advance to a new practice (belt) level or instructor training level. A renewal fees is now required on a five-year basis for all SunDo instructors, senior instructors and teachers.

Candidates must meet all requirements for promotion. All promotion payments has to be done due two weeks prior to attending a retreat. Distance members must contact us at least six weeks prior for approval
and must have paid their $200 annual dues to qualify for a promotion.

If you want to become an Instructor Trainee; be promoted to Instructor, Senior Instructor, or Teacher; or renew your current status, you must participate in the 5-day summer retreat either this year or next year.

Mail-in Promotion Payment

Use this mail-in form for both practice level promotions and instructor training promotions payable by check or money order.

SunDo Promotion Form