Member donations are the true backbone of SunDo. Together, we can make the SunDo Retreat Center an international place of healing for people from all walks of life.

Donations of sustaining members support the daily operations of a SunDo as a global non-profit. Donations toward our building projects help to create facilities where all practitioners can find health and wholeness in their own way at the SunDo Retreat Center in Vermont.

Thank you for the very generous donation from Joan and Charlie Platt of $20,000 in 2017

Make a One-Time Donation

Donate an amount of your choice to SunDo’s New Building Project. Construction is currently happening at the SunDo Retreat Center in Barnet, Vermont. Your gift will help to manifest a brand new kitchen and dining hall building which enters its final stage of completion this year!

Become a Sustaining Member

Set up a recurring donation of any amount of your choice. Giving just $10 or $20 a month is a great way to help ensure the stability of SunDo’s programs over time. And, in addition to saving yourself time, your money goes further as a sustaining donor because
it reduces administrative expenses related to mailings and paperwork.

SunDonations To Date

Your support helps SunDo with the challenges of sustaining a non-profit organization and promoting our mission of providing a Taoist healing retreat center for all. Thank you!

  • 2010

    Carpet in Meditation Hall – $5000

  • 2012

    Woodburning Stove – $4000


  • 2014

    Matching Fund Campaign – $40,000

  • 2017

    New Building Project – $8,000


  • 2018

    New Building Project – $13,200

  • 2019

    New Building Project – $48,950


“It’s the member donations that have kept us going all these years. I don’t how we do it, but every year the donations come in, and every year, we seem to have just enough.”        

                                                  ~ Diane Matta, SunDo Instructor