SunDo Research Institute

Traditionally, SunDo has been a meditative discipline, but opportunities for academic research on SunDo-Taoist culture can be completed at the International Institute for SunDo-Taoist Cultural Research (IISCR) in Tangjin, South Korea. The Poil Retreat Center in Tangjin houses IISCR. The Institute, founded by Master Hyunmoon Kim, invites scholars and professionals interested in various research on SunDo-Taoist culture including religion, shamanism, lineage of tradition and application of health and peace benefits to human and world society.

For more information on research opportunities at IISCR, contact Master Hyunmoon Kim.

IISCR’s International SunDo Taoist Conferences

Since 2007, the International Institute of Sundo Taoist Cultural Research (IISCR) has sponsored the International Sundo Taoist Conference combining academics, culture, and art. IISCR hopes these Conferences will provide new perspectives and insights into ancient Daoist practices. An overview of each Conference is available in English.

To Trace The Roots of Sundo Daoism (November, 2011)
Hanseo University, Seosan-City, Korea

Wonhyo Festival (June, 2009)
Hanseo University, Seosan-City, Korea

Inaugural Conference (April, 2007)
Seoul, Korea

International Sundo Academic Society Conferences

Images from the ISAS Choe Chi-won Seminar (November, 2010)
(Courtesy of David A. Mason)
Hanseo University, Seosan-City, Korea