We envision an evolved society where each person can experience the wholeness of a healthy body, the peace of a calm focused mind, a feeling of greater self-awareness and joy, and the wisdom of a life lived in connection with nature. In cultivating this society, we strive to teach SunDo-Taoist principles and values to all who wish to learn.

Leadership & Instruction

We train dedicated instructors and teachers who are formally certified, highly knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in the needs and well-being of their students. We encourage a non-competitive and positive approach to learning Taoist Yoga & Meditation. Instruction is balanced with support and the empowerment of each individual to take responsibility for his or her own physical health and well being.Retreat Space

An integral part of our vision for world change is the SunDo Retreat Center, a place that provides time and space to create connections to nature and self; a place for healing and transformation; a place for nurturing ourselves so we can give back to our communities. We offer regular seasonal and intensive mountain retreats, as well as opportunities for longer periods of practice in the hermitage – a small dwelling placed deep in the woods for solitary practice.

Community & Sharing

SunDo teaching combines contemporary western psychology with ancient eastern wisdom for increased accessibility by the general public. For centuries, SunDo practice has been preserved as a mountain hermit practice. Now in the West, SunDo teachers are shifting the focus to preserve the depth of our traditional practice while reaching out and sharing wisdom with peoples of the world. We actively contribute to community enhancement through classes, workshops and outreach programs.

Ecological Responsibility

Clearly, there is an important relationship between caring for ourselves and caring for the environment. Protecting our resources is necessary for maintaining both personal health and the health of our planet. At the SunDo Retreat Center, we respect the natural surroundings by leaving a light environmental footstep. Future construction at the Retreat Center will include eco-friendly building materials; and hopefully alternative forms of energy such as solar power and fuel-efficient heating systems.

Education & Information

SunDo provides resources for education and research. We use our website, newsletters, events, brochure, free literature and articles to inform our members and the general public about Taoist teachings, practice and history. In Korea, Master Kim oversees the SunDo-Taoist Studies Graduate Program and the International Institute for SunDo-Taoist Cultural Research. These programs foster knowledge of Taoism and the SunDo practice within a diverse learning community. We seek to preserve ancient knowledge while making it accessible and meaningful in our present-day society.