SunDo is committed to educating people around the world to help them attain better physical, emotional and mental health. To better facilitate world healing, our goal is to help others gain a personal sense of peace that will positively affect their life and work within society.

Many people living in our modern culture are seeking a better quality of life. In SunDo classes and at our Retreat Center, we provide a place for practitioners to reconnect with nature and with their authentic self. We provide a supportive environment where those coping with stress, trauma or ill health can begin their healing process naturally. The Retreat Center is a very special place, nestled within a quiet rural area in Northern Vermont. With woods, streams, fields, community gardens and the open sky, it is a place for exploring personal growth and transformation.

SunDo Retreats include holistic health workshops to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Classes and workshops feature instruction in Taoist yoga practice, breathing meditation, proper nutrition, exercise, and relaxation techniques. The SunDo Retreat Center is both an introductory and in-depth practice center. Beginners may improve health and well-being at SunDo Seasonal Retreats while other practitioners may try more challenging activities to develop strength and endurance at SunDo Mountain Retreats. The SunDo Retreat Center is non-sectarian and offers a wide variety of integrated holistic health workshops from many cultural traditions.

SunDo members have great success stories to tell about improved health and recovery. Just months after beginning SunDo practice, many people experience loss of unwanted pounds, more focused attention, better sleep, less anxiety and relief from depression. These life-changing benefits are some of the ways in which SunDo practice has helped people embrace holistic health and live more balanced lives.

Currently in Asia, SunDo leads a self-realization project that helps Nothern Thailand hill tribes cope with HIV, AIDS, drug addiction and pesticide poisoning. This self-realization project also helps the Northern Thailand people preserve their community and cultural heritage. Previously, SunDo instruction was provided for prisoners in Mae Hong Son Prison in Thailand on a daily basis to improve their mental and physical health.