Instructor Training

SunDo training sessions are held on the first Tuesday afternoon from 1 to 6 pm of the 5-day annual summer retreat with evaluation taken later in the week.

Training topics and activites

Standardizing methods of SunDo practice, implementing teaching strategies in the practice space, providing instructors with teaching materials, demonstrating and modeling by advanced SunDo teachers, and establishing a professional learning community.

Whereas retreat workshops focus on the outer form of leading practice, Tuesday Training Sessions also examine the fundamental concepts and core principles of  teaching SunDo.

During a final evaluation, instructors have a chance to test the knowledge learned during the training session and at other workshops during the 5-day retreat.

Who should take the training?

All students, instructor trainees, instructors and senior instructors seeking a promotion to the a subsequent instructor level. Even if you are not promoting to a new instructor level at the summer retreat, these training session requirements must be fulfilled before your next instructor promotion. Teachers need to renew their certification by attending a training session on a five-year cycle with renewal fees.

Training Session Times

Arrival at the summer retreat: Tuesday at 11:00am. Training classes begin at 1:00pm and end at 6:00pm. On the following Friday from 4:00 to 6:00pm, promotees will take part in an assessment process based on information from the Tuesday training and other workshops at the retreat.


For promotion and renewal fees see  Requirements & Payments